Smoother, sleeker, stronger hair without the toxic ingredients

Stylists prefer Cezanne. The treatment delivers excellent smoothing and longevity without the harmful effects of formaldehyde, which can lead to breakage and damage with repeated use. 

Cezanne’s proprietary blend of effective and unique active ingredients deliver long-lasting results without using harmful ingredients. We are 100% free from formaldehyde or its derivatives in all of our products. Our products never have and never will contain or turn into formaldehyde or anything hazardous to your health.

Our proprietary and unique smoothing treatment formulation is composed of sericin (a component of silk), aloe vera, keratin, glycolic acid, vitamins and botanical extracts. Cezanne contains ingredients that restore the health of the hair.

Cezanne lasts up to five months.  It does not have an unpleasant odor and does not require additional steps like an extra rinse, masque application or conditioning treatment.

Differences From Japanese Straighteners and Relaxers

Japanese straighteners and relaxers straighten the hair by breaking disulfide bonds. The Cezanne treatment uses a revolutionary low pH technology to restore bonds that are broken or damaged during thermal, mechanical or high pH chemical services. Simple hydration of the hair at a lower pH provides a gentler, less extreme cuticle lift that’s sufficient for Cezanne’s small molecules to penetrate the cortex. 

In addition to breaking disulfide bonds, these other services are also permanent, leave a line of demarcation and limit the client to a pin-straight look. Moreover, they use very strong chemicals that may require a mask or gloves and can potentially be hazardous to the stylist and consumer. 

The Cezanne treatment wears off gradually, so no line of demarcation is present. The hair will also hold a curl if you try to curl it. There is no need for mask, gloves or ventilation during the smoothing treatment because it doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients. 

Unlike formaldehyde-based treatments that require restrictions for three days, clients can shampoo, work out, wear clips and ponytails immediately after their Cezanne treatment.